Arena Guidelines

Arena Guidelines – Updated February 18th, 2021

  1. When entering and exiting the building, please use the main doors which are located on the west side of the building.  The entrance and exits are marked with arrows and signage.
  2. No Spectators are allowed in the building.
  3. All participants must be 18 years old or younger, excluding coaches.
  4. A maximum of 10 individuals, including all coaches, trainers and participants, can participate using full ice.  If you chose to split the ice you can have 2 groups of 10 individuals, and must maintain at least three metres physical distance from each other at all times.  Wherever possible, physical barriers should be used to divide the ice surface.
  5. All participants much maintain physical distancing from each other at all times.
  6. Participants must be masked at all times, except when engaged in the physical activity.
  7. Coaches and trainers must remain masked at all times.
  8. There must be limited access to change rooms, including for accelerated arrival and departure, for emergencies and washroom use.

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